Stag Fund Management

Stag Fund Management


What We Do

Committed to Excellence – the Gateway to Your Investments in Portugal.

STAG is a Venture Capital Fund Manager, based in the city of Lisbon in Portugal.

The funds that we manage offer a strong potential for growth and the capacity to make a difference in our society and people’s lives

These funds focus on investing private equity, from countries across the world, into Portuguese companies. These innovative and ambitious projects have the ability to change the way we live.

STAG was founded in 2020, at the time of the Covid 19 worldwide pandemic, a challenging time but also an appropriate time to look at new opportunities with fresh eyes.

STAG´s team of professionals have over 30 years combined experience in dealing with private equity, corporate restructuring and corporate finance. The objective is always to optimise each project and help ensure that each one realises its full potential.

STAG Fund Management, SCR, S.A. is a management company of Private Equity and Venture Capital Funds. The company is registered and subject to supervision by the Portuguese Securities Market Commission (CMVM).

Stag Fund Management is part of the wider Dixcart Group, an independent firm of international wealth advisers established in 1972. 

STAG and the Dixcart Group operate in different markets. STAG is a Venture Capital Fund Management Company and the Dixcart Group is a private wealth management company.

Meet the Team

See all members of the STAG team here.

Sean Dowden


Sean Dowden was responsible for establishing and managing both a Trust Company and a Fund Administrator in Malta and has served as a director of various international companies.

Antonio Pereira


Antonio Pereira has expertise regarding best practice in relation to ‘Anti Money Laundering’ and ‘Know your Customer’ procedures, and undertakes risk analysis for clients and investments.

Diogo Saraiva

Head of Investments

Diogo Saraiva de Ponte has a very strong background in the Venture Capital and Private Equity sectors and has already managed more than €1 billion of AuM.

Our Values

STAG values make us different and are generally what attracts our clients and ensures that they have a positive experience of STAG and, enjoy the quality of service that we deliver. 

STAG values


Our professionals are not only highly qualified and experienced but are also independent thinkers.



At each stage we analyse and evaluate to ensure that all the due diligence and risk analysis steps have been taken. 

STAG values


Potential return is a critical factor but we also research Venture Capital Fund options that offer other benefits.

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